Starting as a Flight Dispatcher

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So you're interested in becoming a Flight Dispatcher in Canada? Let's try and start you in the right direction.

Your best place to start is by looking at the requirements outlined in Transport Canada's TP12513, the Study and Reference Guide for Flight Dispatchers. This will give you an excellent outline of the topics that will be covered within the two Transport Canada "generic" exams. 

You can find the study guide online at

Next, in order to apply for a job at any Canadian airline, you will need to complete those two Transport Canada exams at a Transport Canada testing facility.

The first exam is surrounding Operational topics. This examination will test your understanding of Air Law, Airport procedures, Theory of Flight, and several more topics needed to be a successful Flight Dispatcher. 

Your second exam is a Meteorological focused test. This will evaluate your understanding of various weather phenomena as well as your ability to interpret aviation weather products. 

These exams are completed in person at a Transport Canada testing facility.
There is no fee to complete them and the locations can be found online at

You will also need to get your Restricted Radio Operators Certificate - Aeronautical as the job requires you to communicate on restricted radio frequencies.

Your radio certificate is valid for life, and your 2 exams are valid for 2 years.


These are the basic items for applying as a Flight Dispatcher, but individual airlines may have additional requirements. Your best bet is to contact them directly to find out what they will need from you.

If there are any other questions you might have, don't hesitate to contact us.


*Note: All information is provided for reference only. CALDA does not administer any examinations and is not involved in the hiring process for any airline. 





Becoming a Flight Dispatcher